Comotomo-Compatible Accessories by Anpei®

Offer our best-selling line of the Transitional Nipple Kits compatible with the Comotomo baby bottles!

Essential Accessory

Helps infants meet key milestones such as transitioning to straw and sippy cups.

Meets Safety Standards

Independently tested to meet or exceed U.S. and European safety standard.

Covers Wide Audience

Multiple SKUs for use by infants from 6 months to 3 years old.


Over 76,000 units sold in year 2020.

Why Offer Anpei® in your store?

Increase Revenue

The Transitional Nipple Kits are best-selling accessories with strong market presence that sold over 76,000 units in 2020.

More Returning Customers

Customers will visit your store again and again to purchase accessories for different ages and milestones.

Cross Sell and Upsell

Anpei Transitional Nipple Kits offer wide variety of accessories suitable for different ages and purposes.

Retailer-Ready Margins

We offer retailer margins, order quantities, and convenient delivery options consistent with chain retailer expectations.

We ♥ Local Partners!

We offer small case packs and low cost delivery options to support the local baby stores.

Delight Your Customers

Anpei accessories help parents and babies! Your customers will be delighted to continue using their favorite bottle.

Product Line

Straw Cup Converter Kit - Green

MSRP $14.99

Straw Cup Converter Kit - Pink

MSRP $14.99

Sippy Cup Transitional Nipple Kit - Green

MSRP $13.04

Sippy Cup Transitional Nipple Kit - Pink

MSRP $13.04

Straw Cup Transitional Nipple Kit - Green

MSRP $11.38

Straw Cup Transitional Nipple Kit - Pink

MSRP $11.38

Transitional Nipples Set of 2

MSRP $13.99

Any Angle Straws Set of 2

MSRP $8.99

Squeeze Spoon Nipple

MSRP $10.87

Step 1 Begin Self-Feeding Kit

MSRP $14.02

We have tons of awesome reviews

Trying to incorporate more water into Emberly’s day has become so much easier since we received this sippy cup converter accessory. The converter is compatible with the Comotomo bottles (which we’ve used since birth) and has been a game changer! She now drinks more water since introducing this than any other sippy cup we’ve tried! Plus it’s spill proof. Bonus!

A game changer!

We love our @comotomobaby bottles so much that we couldn’t give them up once it was time to transition to sippy cups! We found these awesome transition nipples and handles from @anpei and Kennedy loves them for sipping on her water all day!

Adds more water!

Thank you @anpeiusa for these attachments to our @comotomobaby bottles!! I love that we can get even more use out of the bottles, and they can transition to a straw/sippy cup as he’s growing. He’s still getting used to anything other than the slow flow nipple, but I think this will be a great way to move on from just bottles!

A great way to move on for baby!

It was so hard to find the “right” bottle for Blakely, but when we finally tried @comotomobaby bottles we hit the jackpot. Thankfully we found her these perfect sippy conversion kits from @anpeiusa that convert her baby bottle to a toddler sippy so she can still keep the feel of the one she loves.

Perfect sippy conversions

Thank you @anpeiusa for sending our little Koko everything she needed to smoothly transition from a baby to a toddler! ⠀ ⠀ Our Koko loved her comotomo bottle as a baby & now that she’s older, we converted it to a transitional sippy cup by adding the non-slip grip handles, the straw that can drain the bottle from any position, and swapped out the nipple for a spout. She is loving her upgraded bottle!

Koko is loving her bottle!

Thank you @anpeiusa These are great! I love that I will be able to reuse my Comoto bottles and only change out the nipple !! No need need to buy new cups! I love the idea that the straw can go to any part. I love this accessory for the Comotomo bottles because It is well made, and it comes in nice colors. It doesn't leak and fits great. The weighted straw is genius! It really helps to drink the milk/water from any position because the babies are not strong enough yet to lift and hold the bottle up when they are in the upright position. The straw allows to drain the bottle from any position.

Helps baby drink!

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