100% Natural, 1000% Adorable

All-Natural, Fun-Inspired Kids Dinosaur Toothbrushes

All-Natural and Vegan

Plant based, non-toxic and began toothbrushes with BPA-free soft bristles.

Biodegradable and Compostable

90% Zero Waste, made from plants suitable for composting.

Fun and Cute

Fun-inspired, popular and classic dinosaur and other kids-loved designs.

Love by Kids and Parents!

Makes brushing fun and helps parents encourage oral hygiene in kids.

Why Offer ROARex in Your Store?

ROARex Increases Revenue!

ROARex attracts eyeballs, rejuvenates slow moving oral care sections, and it is a proven "basket driver" for online purchases.

Lead the Change!

Studies show that U.S. consumers spend more money at brands with better record of sustainability.

Delight Your Customers!

ROARex has been named #1 bestseller, #2 Most Wished For kids toothbrush, and #1 Gift Idea.

Support Diversity!

Partner up with a USA-based WOSB, a women-owned small business that offers positive products.

We ♥ Local Partners!

We offer small case packs, low shipping costs, and generous payment terms to small to medium sized independent retailers.

Retail and Market Ready

Margins suitable for big retail, retail-ready packaging, established logistics chain, and exceeding US safety standards.

Product Line

ROARex All-Natural Dinosaur Toothbrushes - Blue

MSRP $6.99

ROARex All-Natural Dinosaur Toothbrushes - Pink

MSRP $6.99

ROARex All Natural Toothbrush and Rinse Cup Set

MSRP $15.99

ROARex is loved by kids and parents alike!

Anything that's dealing with dinosaurs, you can sign me up! @anpeiusa has these cool "Diplodocus" toothbrushes. They are vegan, eco friendly, all natural and made from plants. A toothbrush designed with kids in mind. I love that they have soft bristles and ergonomic handle. The dinosaur shape just makes brushing my teeth more fun!

Makes brushing fun!

hese dinosaur toothbrushes from @anpeiusa are back in stock! They are super cute -my kids love them- and definitely make brushing a lot more fun! I also love that they are made from plants, biodegradable and compostable. An added bonus is that 1% from all sales is donated to charity.

My kids love them!

Brushing teeth is many children’s least favorite activity. Nevertheless, we must continue to explain how important it is for them to brush their teeth. Getting them into the habit starts at a young age, when they’re babies! Even before their teeth pop out, just them chewing on the bristles is great for them. And thanks to @pacificglobalforparents for sending these Vegan Dino Toothbrushes, my little babe is hooked! It’s her new activity to do while she watches her shows or plays around the room. She continuously chews on the bristles. These toothbrushes are seriously the cutest for children and if you haven’t yet checked them out, you should!

Great for babies!

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